Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa

Rare and Secret Benefits of Reciting Hanuman Chalisa

  • Reciting Hanuman Chalisa reduces bad effects caused by Sade Sati.
  • Reciting Sri Hanuman Chalisa will ward off Evil Spirits.
  • Ask for Forgiveness from Sins By chanting Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Remove Obstacles from life by reading Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Jai Hanuman Chalisa is great for de-stressing.
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa for a safe journey.
  • Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa include fulfilling your wishes.
  • Hanuman is God of wisdom and strength.
  • Read Hanuman Chalisa to reform yourself.
  • Hanuman Chalisa will help you in gaining spiritual knowledge.
  • Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa is also for promoting unity.

Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa

These are few benefits of reciting Hanuman Chalisa. Absolute faith and correct attitude will get you the blessings of the monkey-God and with the recital of Hanuman Chalisa, you can achieve whatever you desire for.

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When to read Hanuman Chalisa?

The Hanuman Chalisa must be read in the morning only after taking a bath. If you want to read it after sunset, you must wash your hands, feet and face first. Among the Hindus, it is a very popular belief that reciting the Hanuman Chalisa calls upon Hanuman’s divine involvement in critical problems, including those concerning evil spirits.

  1. It must be only touched and read, after proper bathing and cleaning of self. Apart from Tuesdays, the sacred text must also be read on Saturdays.
  2. According to ancient scriptures, the auspicious time to read Hanuman Chalisa is early morning and for those, who are suffering through Sade Sati, they must read Hanuman Chalisa up to 8 times in night. This wards off any remaining negative impact of Shani’s aggression.

In morning, Hanuman Chalisa must be read up to 5 times and in night, it must be read up to 8 times for quick and beneficial results.

More significantly, when the Chalisa is read at night times, it wards off evil forces from one`s life and removes the sins committed knowingly or unknowingly. It is believed that those who have major tasks to be achieved should recite these verses 108 times on an auspicious night of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or on moola star day.