108 Names of Shani Dev For Saturday or Shanivar

Saturday or Shanivar is dedicated to both Lord Shani and Hanuman. Chant these 108 names of Shani to get rid of malefic of Planet Saturn.

108 Names of Shani Dev For Saturday or Shanivar
Name Mantra
ॐ श्री शनैश्चराय नमः।
Om Shri Shanaishcharaya Namah।
ॐ शान्ताय नमः।
Om Shantaya Namah।
ॐ सर्वाभीष्टप्रदायिने नमः।
Om Sarvabhishtapradayine Namah।
ॐ शरण्याय नमः।
Om Sharanyaya Namah।
ॐ वरेण्याय नमः।
Om Varenyaya Namah।
ॐ सर्वेशाय नमः।
Om Sarveshaya Namah।
ॐ सौम्याय नमः।
Om Saumyaya Namah।
ॐ सुरवन्द्याय नमः।
Om Suravandyaya Namah।
ॐ सुरलोकविहारिणे नमः।
Om Suralokaviharine Namah।
ॐ सुखासनोपविष्टाय नमः।
Om Sukhasanopavishtaya Namah।
ॐ सुन्दराय नमः।
Om Sundaraya Namah।
ॐ घनाय नमः।
Om Ghanaya Namah।
ॐ घनरूपाय नमः।
Om Ghanarupaya Namah।
ॐ घनाभरणधारिणे नमः।
Om Ghanabharanadharine Namah।
ॐ घनसारविलेपाय नमः।
Om Ghanasaravilepaya Namah।
ॐ खद्योताय नमः।
Om Khadyotaya Namah।
ॐ मन्दाय नमः।
Om Mandaya Namah।
ॐ मन्दचेष्टाय नमः।
Om Mandacheshtaya Namah।
ॐ महनीयगुणात्मने नमः।
Om Mahaniyagunatmane Namah।
ॐ मर्त्यपावनपदाय नमः।
Om Martyapavanapadaya Namah।
ॐ महेशाय नमः।
Om Maheshaya Namah।
ॐ छायापुत्राय नमः।
Om Chhayaputraya Namah।
ॐ शर्वाय नमः।
Om Sharvaya Namah।
ॐ शततूणीरधारिणे नमः।
Om Shatatuniradharine Namah।
ॐ चरस्थिरस्वभावाय नमः।
Om Charasthirasvabhavaya Namah।
ॐ अचञ्चलाय नमः।
Om Achanchalaya Namah।
ॐ नीलवर्णाय नमः।
Om Nilavarnaya Namah।
ॐ नित्याय नमः।
Om Nityaya Namah।
ॐ नीलाञ्जननिभाय नमः।
Om Nilanjananibhaya Namah।
ॐ नीलाम्बरविभूशणाय नमः।
Om Nilambaravibhushanaya Namah।
ॐ निश्चलाय नमः।
Om Nishchalaya Namah।
ॐ वेद्याय नमः।
Om Vedyaya Namah।
ॐ विधिरूपाय नमः।
Om Vidhirupaya Namah।
ॐ विरोधाधारभूमये नमः।
Om Virodhadharabhumaye Namah।
ॐ भेदास्पदस्वभावाय नमः।
Om Bhedaspadasvabhavaya Namah।
ॐ वज्रदेहाय नमः।
Om Vajradehaya Namah।
ॐ वैराग्यदाय नमः।
Om Vairagyadaya Namah।
ॐ वीराय नमः।
Om Viraya Namah।
ॐ वीतरोगभयाय नमः।
Om Vitarogabhayaya Namah।
ॐ विपत्परम्परेशाय नमः।
Om Vipatparampareshaya Namah।
ॐ विश्ववन्द्याय नमः।
Om Vishvavandyaya Namah।
ॐ गृध्नवाहाय नमः।
Om Gridhnavahaya Namah।
ॐ गूढाय नमः।
Om Gudhaya Namah।
ॐ कूर्माङ्गाय नमः।
Om Kurmangaya Namah।
ॐ कुरूपिणे नमः।
Om Kurupine Namah।
ॐ कुत्सिताय नमः।
Om Kutsitaya Namah।
ॐ गुणाढ्याय नमः।
Om Gunadhyaya Namah।
ॐ गोचराय नमः।
Om Gocharaya Namah।
ॐ अविद्यामूलनाशाय नमः।
Om Avidyamulanashanaya Namah।
ॐ विद्याविद्यास्वरूपिणे नमः।
Om Vidyavidyasvarupine Namah।
ॐ आयुष्यकारणाय नमः।
Om Ayushyakaranaya Namah।
ॐ आपदुद्धर्त्रे नमः।
Om Apadurddhatre Namah।
ॐ विष्णुभक्ताय नमः।
Om Vishnubhaktaya Namah।
ॐ वशिने नमः।
Om Vishine Namah।
ॐ विविधागमवेदिने नमः।
Om Vividhagamavedine Namah।
ॐ विधिस्तुत्याय नमः।
Om Vidhistutyaya Namah।
ॐ वन्द्याय नमः।
Om Vandyaya Namah।
ॐ विरूपाक्षाय नमः।
Om Virupakshaya Namah।
ॐ वरिष्ठाय नमः।
Om Varishthaya Namah।
ॐ गरिष्ठाय नमः।
Om Garishthaya Namah।
ॐ वज्राङ्कुशधराय नमः।
Om Vajrankushadharaya Namah।
ॐ वरदाभयहस्ताय नमः।
Om Varadabhayahastaya Namah।
ॐ वामनाय नमः।
Om Vamanaya Namah।
ॐ ज्येष्ठापत्नीसमेताय नमः।
Om Jyeshthapatnisametaya Namah।
ॐ श्रेष्ठाय नमः।
Om Shreshthaya Namah।
ॐ मितभाषिणे नमः।
Om Mitabhashine Namah।
ॐ कष्टौघनाशकर्त्रे नमः।
Om Kashtaughanashakartre Namah।
ॐ पुष्टिदाय नमः।
Om Pushtidaya Namah।
ॐ स्तुत्याय नमः।
Om Stutyaya Namah।
ॐ स्तोत्रगम्याय नमः।
Om Stotragamyaya Namah।
ॐ भक्तिवश्याय नमः।
Om Bhaktivashyaya Namah।
ॐ भानवे नमः।
Om Bhanave Namah।
ॐ भानुपुत्राय नमः।
Om Bhanuputraya Namah।
ॐ भव्याय नमः।
Om Bhavyaya Namah।
ॐ पावनाय नमः।
Om Pavanaya Namah।
ॐ धनुर्मण्डलसंस्थाय नमः।
Om Dhanurmandalasamsthaya Namah।
ॐ धनदाय नमः।
Om Dhanadaya Namah।
ॐ धनुष्मते नमः।
Om Dhanushmate Namah।
ॐ तनुप्रकाशदेहाय नमः।
Om Tanuprakashadehaya Namah।
ॐ तामसाय नमः।
Om Tamasaya Namah।
ॐ अशेषजनवन्द्याय नमः।
Om Asheshajanavandyaya Namah।
ॐ विशेषफलदायिने नमः।
Om Visheshaphaladayine Namah।
ॐ वशीकृतजनेशाय नमः।
Om Vashikritajaneshaya Namah।
ॐ पशूनां पतये नमः।
Om Pashunam Pataye Namah।
ॐ खेचराय नमः।
Om Khecharaya Namah।
ॐ खगेशाय नमः।
Om Khageshaya Namah।
ॐ घननीलाम्बराय नमः।
Om Ghananilambaraya Namah।
ॐ काठिन्यमानसाय नमः।
Om Kathinyamanasaya Namah।
ॐ आर्यगणस्तुत्याय नमः।
Om Aryaganastutyaya Namah।
ॐ नीलच्छत्राय नमः।
Om Nilachchhatraya Namah।
ॐ नित्याय नमः।
Om Nityaya Namah।
ॐ निर्गुणाय नमः।
Om Nirgunaya Namah।
ॐ गुणात्मने नमः।
Om Gunatmane Namah।
ॐ निरामयाय नमः।
Om Niramayaya Namah।
ॐ निन्द्याय नमः।
Om Nindyaya Namah।
ॐ वन्दनीयाय नमः।
Om Vandaniyaya Namah।
ॐ धीराय नमः।
Om Dhiraya Namah।
ॐ दिव्यदेहाय नमः।
Om Divyadehaya Namah।
ॐ दीनार्तिहरणाय नमः।
Om Dinartiharanaya Namah।
ॐ दैन्यनाशकराय नमः।
Om Dainyanashakaraya Namah।
ॐ आर्यजनगण्याय नमः।
Om Aryajanaganyaya Namah।
ॐ क्रूराय नमः।
Om Kruraya Namah।
ॐ क्रूरचेष्टाय नमः।
Om Kruracheshtaya Namah।
ॐ कामक्रोधकराय नमः।
Om Kamakrodhakaraya Namah।
ॐ कलत्रपुत्रशत्रुत्वकारणाय नमः।
Om Kalatraputrashatrutvakaranaya Namah।
ॐ परिपोषितभक्ताय नमः।
Om Pariposhitabhaktaya Namah।
ॐ परभीतिहराय नमः।
Om Parabhitiharaya Namah।
ॐ भक्तसंघमनोऽभीष्टफलदाय नमः।
Om Bhaktasanghamanoabhishtaphaladaya Namah।

Shani Mantra

Shani Mantra

What is Rahu Kaal and Timing of Rahu Kaal Every Day

Rahu, the 8th planet, in shadows and like Ketu, this planet is also not visible in the galaxy. A mine of information about Rahu is available in Brahma puraana, Mahabhagavata, Mahabharat, Matsya puraan, Vishnu puraan and Rigved.

Rahu Kaal refers to the bad time or inauspicious time on every day which is not considered favourable to start any new activity. As per Hindu astrology, Rahu Kaal covers a span of about 90 minutes every day in between sunrise and sunset. 


Rahu Kaal is given utmost importance. While looking for Muhurats, this period is strictly avoided. As per popular belief, auspicious works done during this time will never give good results. People do not commence new ventures, marriage proposals, journeys, trades, interviews, trades, business deals, sale or purchase of assets, and any other important ventures during this period.


Monday07:30  – 09:00 am
Tuesday03:00  – 04:30 pm
Wednesday12:00 – 01:30 pm
Thursday01:30  – 03:00 pm
Friday10:30  – 12:00 am
Saturday09:00  – 10:30 am
Sunday04:30  – 06:00 pm


Rahu was born to Simhika and Viprachitti. Rahu’s mother simhika (also known as Simhita) was the daughter of Hiranyakashyapa (Bhakta Prahlada’s father). There are several brothers to Rahu and they are Salya, Nabha, Vaataapi, Ilvala and Namuchi. It is also believed that Rahu is the eldest of the 100 brothers. He also has a sister by name Maahishmati.Born into paithenasa gotra, He was born in the year parthiva in bhaadrapada maasa, krishna paksha on the fourteenth day of the wanning moon on a Sunday. Two days before NAVRATRI. Visakha is his birth star.
In iconography, Rahu is depicted with a human head and serpent body and seated in a chariot drawn by eight black horses.

108 Names of Goddess Durga For Friday or Shukravar

Friday or Shukravar is dedicated to Maa Durga, Maa Santoshi, Goddess Mahalaxmi and Annapurneshwari.
What are the different names of Goddess Durga?

108 Names of Goddess Durga For Friday or Shukravar

What are108 Names of Goddess Durga?

SatiOne who got burned alive
SaadhviThe Sanguine
BhavapritaOne who is loved by the universe
BhavaaniThe abode of the universe
BhavamochaniThe absolver of the universe
DurgaThe Invincible
JayaThe Victorious
AadyaThe Initial reality
TrinetraOne who has three-eyes
ShooldhariniOne who holds a monodent
PinaakadhariniOne who holds the trident of Shiva
ChitraThe Picturesque
ChandaghantaOne who has mighty bells
MahatapaWith severe penance
AhankaaraOne with Pride
ChittarupaOne who is in thought-state
ChitiThe thinking mind
SarvamantramayiOne who possess all the instruments of thought
SattaOne who is above all
SatyanandasvarupiniForm of Eternal bliss
AnantaOne who is Infinite or beyond measure
BhaaviniThe Beautiful Woman
BhaavyaRepresents Future
BhavyaWith Magnificence
AbhavyaImproper or fear-causing
SadagatiAlways in motion, bestowing Moksha (salvation)
ShaambhaviConsort of Shambhu
DevamataMother Goddess
RatnapriyaAdorned or loved by jewels
DakshakanyaDaughter of Daksha
DakshayajñavinaashiniInterrupter of the sacrifice of Daksha
AparnaOne who doesnt eat even leaves while fasting
AnekavarnaOne who has many complexions
PaatalaRed in color
PaatalavatiWearing red-color attire
PattaambaraparidhaanaWearing a dress made of leather
KalamanjiiraranjiniWearing a musical anklet
AmeyaaOne who is beyond measure
KrrooraaBrutal (on demons)
SundariThe Gorgeous
SursundariExtremely Beautiful
VandurgaGoddess of forests
MaatangiGoddess of Matanga
MatangamunipujitaWorshipped by Sage Matanga
BraahmiPower of God Brahma
MaaheshvariPower of Lord Mahesha (Shiva)
AeindriPower of God Indra
KaumaariThe adolescent
VaishnaviThe invincible
ChaamundaSlayer of Chanda and Munda(demons)
VaarahiOne who rides on Varaah
LakshmiGoddess of Wealth
PurushaakritiOne who takes the form of a man
VimalauttkarshiniOne who provides joy
GyaanaFull of Knowledge
KriyaOne who is in action
NityaThe eternal one
BuddhidaThe bestower of wisdom
BahulaOne who is in various forms
BahulapremaOne who is loved by all
SarvavahanavahanaOne who rides all vehicles
NishumbhaShumbhaHananiSlayer of the demon-brothers Shumbha Nishumbha
MahishasuraMardiniSlayer of the bull-demon Mahishaasura
MadhuKaitabhaHantriSlayer of the demon-duo Madhu and Kaitabha
ChandaMundaVinashiniDestroyer of the ferocious asuras Chanda and Munda
SarvasuravinashaDestroyer of all demons
SarvadaanavaghaatiniPossessing the power to kill all the demons
SarvashaastramayiOne who is deft in all theories
SatyaThe truth
SarvaastradhaariniPossessor of all the missile weapons
AnekashastrahastaPossessor of many hand weapons
AnekastraDhaariniPossessor of many missile weapons
KomaariThe beautiful adolescent
EkakanyaThe girl child
KaishoriThe adolescent
YuvatiThe Woman
YatiAscetic, one who renounces the world
ApraudhaOne who never gets old
PraudhaOne who is old
VriddhamaataThe old mother (loosely)
BalapradaThe bestower of strength
MahodariOne who has huge belly which stores the universe
MuktakeshaOne who has open tresses
GhorarupaHaving a fierce outlook
MahaabalaHaving immense strength
AgnijwaalaOne who is poignant like fire
RaudramukhiOne who has a fierce face like destroyer Rudra
KaalaratriGoddess who is black like night
Tapasvinione who is engaged in penance
NarayaniThe destructive aspect of Lord Narayana (Brahma)
BhadrakaaliFierce form of Kali
VishnumayaSpell of Lord Vishnu
JalodariAbode of the ethereal universe
ShivadootiAmbassador of Lord Shiva
KaraaliThe Violent
AnantaThe Infinite
ParameshvariThe Ultimate Goddess
KatyayaniOne who is worshipped by sage Katyanan
SavitriDaughter of the Sun God Savitr
PratyakshaOne who is real
BrahmavaadiniOne who is present everywhere

2 Powerful Mantras For A Good Sleep

Chant these mantras before sleeping to prevent bad dreams

To get good sleep and avoid getting nightmares, chant these Mantras. Great for your children.

Mantra dedicated to Hanuman, Garud and Bheem:

रामस्कंदम हनुमन्तं वैनतेयं वृकोदरम् । 
शयनयः स्मरेन्नित्यं दुःस्वपनम तस्य नाशयति ।।

Ramaskandam Hanumantam, Vainateyam Vrikodaram
Shayanayah smare nityam, duswapnam tasya nashyati


Praying to Lord Hanuman – the ardent devotee of Lord Ram – Garuda and Bheem before sleeping everyday, will destroy bad dreams and give you a good sleep.

Mantra dedicated to Goddess Durga:

या देवी सर्वभूतेषु निद्रारूपेण संस्थिता ।
नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमोनमः ।।

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Nidra Roopen Samsithaha
Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah


O Goddess, you are omnipresent. You also exist in sleep. I bow to you.

108 Names Of Vishnu for a Powerful Thursday

Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Vishnu

108 Names Of Vishnu for a Powerful Thursday
Name Mantra
ॐ विष्णवे नमः।
Om Vishnave Namah।
ॐ लक्ष्मीपतये नमः।
Om Lakshmipataye Namah।
ॐ कृष्णाय नमः।
Om Krishnaya Namah।
ॐ वैकुण्ठाय नमः।
Om Vaikunthaya Namah।
ॐ गरुडध्वजाय नमः।
Om Garudadhwajaya Namah।
ॐ परब्रह्मणे नमः।
Om Parabrahmane Namah।
ॐ जगन्नाथाय नमः।
Om Jagannathaya Namah।
ॐ वासुदेवाय नमः।
Om Vasudevaya Namah।
ॐ त्रिविक्रमाय नमः।
Om Trivikramaya Namah।
ॐ दैत्यान्तकाय नमः।
Om Daityantakaya Namah।
ॐ मधुरिपवे नमः।
Om Madhuripave Namah।
ॐ तार्क्ष्यवाहनाय नमः।
Om Tarkshyavahanaya Namah।
ॐ सनातनाय नमः।
Om Sanatanaya Namah।
ॐ नारायणाय नमः।
Om Narayanaya Namah।
ॐ पद्मनाभाय नमः।
Om Padmanabhaya Namah।
ॐ हृषीकेशाय नमः।
Om Hrishikeshaya Namah।
ॐ सुधाप्रदाय नमः।
Om Sudhapradaya Namah।
ॐ माधवाय नमः।
Om Madhavaya Namah।
ॐ पुण्डरीकाक्षाय नमः।
Om Pundarikakshaya Namah।
ॐ स्थितिकर्त्रे नमः।
Om Sthitikarta Namah।
ॐ परात्पराय नमः।
Om Paratparaya Namah।
ॐ वनमालिने नमः।
Om Vanamaline Namah।
ॐ यज्ञरूपाय नमः।
Om Yajnarupaya Namah।
ॐ चक्रपाणये नमः।
Om Chakrapanaye Namah।
ॐ गदाधराय नमः।
Om Gadadharaya Namah।
ॐ उपेन्द्राय नमः।
Om Upendraya Namah।
ॐ केशवाय नमः।
Om Keshavaya Namah।
ॐ हंसाय नमः।
Om Hamsaya Namah।
ॐ समुद्रमथनाय नमः।
Om Samudramathanaya Namah।
ॐ हरये नमः।
Om Haraye Namah।
ॐ गोविन्दाय नमः।
Om Govindaya Namah।
ॐ ब्रह्मजनकाय नमः।
Om Brahmajanakaya Namah।
ॐ कैटभासुरमर्दनाय नमः।
Om Kaitabhasuramardanaya Namah।
ॐ श्रीधराय नमः।
Om Shridharaya Namah।
ॐ कामजनकाय नमः।
Om Kamajanakaya Namah।
ॐ शेषशायिने नमः।
Om Sheshashayine Namah।
ॐ चतुर्भुजाय नमः।
Om Chaturbhujaya Namah।
ॐ पाञ्चजन्यधराय नमः।
Om Panchajanyadharaya Namah।
ॐ श्रीमते नमः।
Om Shrimate Namah।
ॐ शार्ङ्गपाणये नमः।
Om Sharngapanaye Namah।
ॐ जनार्दनाय नमः।
Om Janardanaya Namah।
ॐ पीताम्बरधराय नमः।
Om Pitambaradharaya Namah।
ॐ देवाय नमः।
Om Devaya Namah।
ॐ सूर्यचन्द्रविलोचनाय नमः।
Om Suryachandravilochanaya Namah।
ॐ मत्स्यरूपाय नमः।
Om Matsyarupaya Namah।
ॐ कूर्मतनवे नमः।
Om Kurmatanave Namah।
ॐ क्रोडरूपाय नमः।
Om Krodarupaya Namah।
ॐ नृकेसरिणे नमः।
Om Nrikesarine Namah।
ॐ वामनाय नमः।
Om Vamanaya Namah।
ॐ भार्गवाय नमः।
Om Bhargavaya Namah।
ॐ रामाय नमः।
Om Ramaya Namah।
ॐ बलिने नमः।
Om Baline Namah।
ॐ कल्किने नमः।
Om Kalkine Namah।
ॐ हयाननाय नमः।
Om Hayananaya Namah।
ॐ विश्वम्भराय नमः।
Om Vishwambharaya Namah।
ॐ शिशुमाराय नमः।
Om Shishumaraya Namah।
ॐ श्रीकराय नमः।
Om Shrikaraya Namah।
ॐ कपिलाय नमः।
Om Kapilaya Namah।
ॐ ध्रुवाय नमः।
Om Dhruvaya Namah।
ॐ दत्तत्रेयाय नमः।
Om Dattatreyaya Namah।
ॐ अच्युताय नमः।
Om Achyutaya Namah।
ॐ अनन्ताय नमः।
Om Anantaya Namah।
ॐ मुकुन्दाय नमः।
Om Mukundaya Namah।
ॐ दधिवामनाय नमः।
Om Dadhivamanaya Namah।
ॐ धन्वन्तरये नमः।
Om Dhanvantaraye Namah।
ॐ श्रीनिवासाय नमः।
Om Shrinivasaya Namah।
ॐ प्रद्युम्नाय नमः।
Om Pradyumnaya Namah।
ॐ पुरुषोत्तमाय नमः।
Om Purushottamaya Namah।
ॐ श्रीवत्सकौस्तुभधराय नमः।
Om Shrivatsakaustubhadharaya Namah।
ॐ मुरारातये नमः।
Om Murarataye Namah।
ॐ अधोक्षजाय नमः।
Om Adhokshajaya Namah।
ॐ ऋषभाय नमः।
Om Rishabhaya Namah।
ॐ मोहिनीरूपधारिणे नमः।
Om Mohinirupadharine Namah।
ॐ सङ्कर्षणाय नमः।
Om Sankarshanaya Namah।
ॐ पृथवे नमः।
Om Prithave Namah।
ॐ क्षीराब्धिशायिने नमः।
Om Kshirabdhishayine Namah।
ॐ भूतात्मने नमः।
Om Bhutatmane Namah।
ॐ अनिरुद्धाय नमः।
Om Aniruddhaya Namah।
ॐ भक्तवत्सलाय नमः।
Om Bhaktavatsalaya Namah।
ॐ नराय नमः।
Om Naraya Namah।
ॐ गजेन्द्रवरदाय नमः।
Om Gajendravaradaya Namah।
ॐ त्रिधाम्ने नमः।
Om Tridhamne Namah।
ॐ भूतभावनाय नमः।
Om Bhutabhavanaya Namah।
ॐ श्वेतद्वीपसुवास्तव्याय नमः।
Om Shwetadwipasuvastavyaya Namah।
ॐ सनकादिमुनिध्येयाय नमः।
Om Sankadimunidhyeyaya Namah।
ॐ भगवते नमः।
Om Bhagavate Namah।
ॐ शङ्करप्रियाय नमः।
Om Shankarapriyaya Namah।
ॐ नीलकान्ताय नमः।
Om Nilakantaya Namah।
ॐ धराकान्ताय नमः।
Om Dharakantaya Namah।
ॐ वेदात्मने नमः।
Om Vedatmane Namah।
ॐ बादरायणाय नमः।
Om Badarayanaya Namah।
ॐ भागीरथीजन्मभूमि पादपद्माय नमः।
Om Bhagirathijanmabhumi Padapadmaya Namah।
ॐ सतां प्रभवे नमः।
Om Satam Prabhave Namah।
ॐ स्वभुवे नमः।
Om Swabhuve Namah।
ॐ विभवे नमः।
Om Vibhave Namah।
ॐ घनश्यामाय नमः।
Om Ghanashyamaya Namah।
ॐ जगत्कारणाय नमः।
Om Jagatkaranaya Namah।
ॐ अव्ययाय नमः।
Om Avyayaya Namah।
ॐ बुद्धावताराय नमः।
Om Buddhavataraya Namah।
ॐ शान्तात्मने नमः।
Om Shantatmane Namah।
ॐ लीलामानुषविग्रहाय नमः।
Om Lilamanushavigrahaya Namah।
ॐ दामोदराय नमः।
Om Damodaraya Namah।
ॐ विराड्रूपाय नमः।
Om Viradrupaya Namah।
ॐ भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभवे नमः।
Om Bhutabhavyabhavatprabhave Namah।
ॐ आदिदेवाय नमः।
Om Adidevaya Namah।
ॐ देवदेवाय नमः।
Om Devadevaya Namah।
ॐ प्रह्लादपरिपालकाय नमः।
Om Prahladaparipalakaya Namah।
ॐ श्रीमहाविष्णवे नमः।
Om Shrimahavishnave Namah।

108 Names of Lord Shiva For Every Monday

Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Shiva

1 शिव Shiva
2 महेश्वर Maheshwara
3 शंभवे Shambhu
4 पिनाकिने Pinakin
5 शशिशेखर Shashi shekhara
6 वामदेवाय Vamadeva
7 विरूपाक्ष Virupaksha
8 कपर्दी Kapardi
9 नीललोहित Nilalohita
10 शंकर Shankara
11 शूलपाणी Shulapani
12 खटवांगी Khatvangi
13 विष्णुवल्लभ Vishnuvallabha
14 शिपिविष्ट Shipivishta
15 अंबिकानाथ Ambikanatha
16 श्रीकण्ठ Shrikantha
17 भक्तवत्सल Bhaktavatsala
18 भव Bhava
19 शर्व Sharva
20 त्रिलोकेश Trilokesha
21 शितिकण्ठ Shitikantha
22 शिवाप्रिय Shivapriya
23 उग्र Ugra
24 कपाली Kapali
25 कामारी Kamari
26 अंधकारसुर सूदन Andhakasura Sudana
27 गंगाधर Gangadhara
28 ललाटाक्ष Lalataksha
29 कालकाल Kalakala
30 कृपानिधि Kripanidhi
31 भीम Bheema
32 परशुहस्त Parshuhasta
33 मृगपाणी Mrigpaani
34 जटाधर Jattadhar
35 कैलाशवासी Kailashavasi
36 कवची Kawachi
37 कठोर Kathor
38 त्रिपुरान्तक Tripurantak
39 वृषांक Vrishanka
40 वृषभारूढ़ Vrishbharudh
41 भस्मोद्धूलितविग्रह Bhasmodhulitavigrah
42 सामप्रिय Samapriya
43 स्वरमयी Swaramayi
44 त्रयीमूर्ति Trayimurti
45 अनीश्वर Anishvara
46 सर्वज्ञ Sarvagya
47 परमात्मा Paramatma
48 सोमसूर्याग्निलोचन Somasuryaagnilochana
49 हवि Havi
50 यज्ञमय Yagyamaya
51 सोम Soma
52 पंचवक्त्र Panchavaktra
53 सदाशिव Sadashiva
54 विश्वेश्वर Vishveshwara
55 वीरभद्र Veerabhadra
56 गणनाथ Gananatha
57 प्रजापति Prajapati
58 हिरण्यरेता Hiranyareta
59 दुर्धर्ष Durdharsha
60 गिरीश Girisha
61 गिरिश Girisha
62 अनघ Anagha
63 भुजंगभूषण Bujangabhushana
64 भर्ग Bharga
65 गिरिधन्वा Giridhanva
66 गिरिप्रिय Giripriya
67 कृत्तिवासा krittivasaa
68 पुराराति Purarati
69 भगवान् Bhagwaan
70 प्रमथाधिप Pramathadhipa
71 मृत्युंजय Mrityunjaya
72 सूक्ष्मतनु Sukshamatanu
73 जगद्व्यापी Jagadvyapi
74 जगद्गुरू Jagadguru
75 व्योमकेश Vyomakesha
76 महासेनजनक Mahasenajanaka
77 चारुविक्रम Charuvikrama
78 रुद्र Rudra
79 भूतपति Bhootapati
80 स्थाणु Sthanu
81 अहिर्बुध्न्य Ahirbhudhanya
82 दिगम्बर Digambara
83 अष्टमूर्ति Ashtamurti
84 अनेकात्मा Anekatma
85 सात्विक Satvika
86 शुद्धविग्रह Shuddhavigraha
87 शाश्वत Shashvata
88 खण्डपरशु Khandaparshu
89 अज Aja
90 पाशविमोचन Pashvimochana
91 मृड Mrida
92 पशुपति Pashupati
93 देव Deva
94 महादेव Mahadeva
95 अव्यय Avayaya
96 हरि Hari
97 भगनेत्रभिद् Bhagnetrabhid
98 अव्यक्त Avayayat
99 दक्षाध्वरहर Dakshadhwarahara
100 हर Har
101 पूषदन्तभित् Pushadantabhit
102 अव्यग्र Avyagra
103 सहस्राक्ष Sahsraksha
104 सहस्रपाद Sahasrapada
105 अपवर्गप्रद Apavargaprada
106 अनन्त Ananta
107 तारक Taraka
108 परमेश्वर Parameshwara

Benefits of 108 Names of Lord Shiva 

Regular recitation of 108 Names of Lord Shiva gives peace of mind and keeps away all the evil from your life and makes you healthy, wealthy and prosperous.

शिव जी

108 names of Lord Ganpati with Mantra

Chant this Ganesh Mantra, fondly known as Ganesh Namavali on Wednesday and sing along with the help of lyrics.

108 names of Lord Ganpati with Mantra

  1. Gajanana – Om Gajananaya Namah
    Ganadhyaksha – Om Ganadhyakshaya Namah
  2. Vighnaraja – Om Vighnarajaya Namah
  3. Vinayaka – Om Vinayakaya Namah
  4. Dvaimatura – Om Dvaimaturaya Namah
  5. Dwimukha – Om Dwimukhaya Namah
  6. Pramukha – Om Pramukhaya Namah
  7. Sumukha – Om Sumukhaya Namah
  8. Kriti – Om Kritine Namah
  9. Supradipa – Om Supradipaya Namah
  10. Sukhanidhi – Om Sukhanidhaye Namah
  11. Suradhyaksha – Om Suradhyakshaya Namah
  12. Sovereign of the Gods
  13. Surarighna – Om Surarighnaya Namah
  14. Mahaganapati – Om Mahaganapataye Namah
  15. Manya – Om Manyaya Namah
  16. Mahakala – Om Mahakalaya Namah
  17. Mahabala – Om Mahabalaya Namah
  18. Heramba – Om Herambaya Namah
  19. Lambajathara – Om Lambajatharayai Namah
  20. Haswagriva – Om Haswa Grivaya Namah
  21. Mahodara – Om Mahodaraya Namah
  22. Madotkata – Om Madotkataya Namah
  23. Mahavira – Om Mahaviraya Namah
  24. Mantrine – Om Mantrine Namah
  25. Mangala Swara – Om Mangala Swaraya Namah
  26. Pramadha – Om Pramadhaya Namah
  27. Prathama – Om Prathamaya Namah
  28. Prajna – Om Prajnaya Namah
  29. Vighnakarta – Om Vighnakartre Namah
  30. Vignaharta – Om Vignahartre Namah
  31. Vishwanetra – Om Vishwanetre Namah
  32. Viratpati – Om Viratpataye Namah
  33. Shripati – Om Shripataye Namah
  34. Vakpati – Om Vakpataye Namah
  35. Shringarin – Om Shringarine Namah
  36. Ashritavatsala – Om Ashritavatsalaya Namah
  37. Shivapriya – Om Shivapriyaya Namah
  38. Shighrakarina – Om Shighrakarine Namah
  39. Shashwata – Om Shashwataya Namah
  40. Bala – Om Bala Namah
  41. Balotthitaya – Om Balotthitaya Namah
  42. Bhavatmajaya – Om Bhavatmajaya Namah
  43. Purana Purusha – Om Purana Purushaya Namah
  44. Pushne – Om Pushne Namah
  45. Pushkarotshipta Varine – Om Pushkarotshipta Varine Namah
  46. Agraganyaya – Om Agraganyaya Namah
  47. Agrapujyaya – Om Agrapujyaya Namah
  48. Agragamine – Om Agragamine Namah
  49. Mantrakrite – Om Mantrakrite Namah
  50. Chamikaraprabhaya – Om Chamikaraprabhaya Namah
  51. Sarvaya – Om Sarvaya Namah
  52. Sarvopasyaya – Om Sarvopasyaya Namah
  53. Sarvakartre – Om Sarva Kartre Namah
  54. Sarvanetre – Om Sarvanetre Namah
  55. Sarvasiddhipradaya – Om Sarvasiddhipradaya Namah
  56. Siddhaye – Om Siddhaye Namah
  57. Panchahastaya – Om Panchahastaya Namah
  58. Parvatinadanaya – Om Parvatinandanaya Namah
  59. Prabhave – Om Prabhave Namah
  60. Kumaragurave – Om Kumaragurave Namah
  61. Akshobhyaya – Om Akshobhyaya Namah
  62. Kunjarasura Bhanjanaya – Om Kunjarasura Bhanjanaya Namah
  63. Pramodaya – Om Pramodaya Namah
  64. Modakapriyaya – Om Modakapriyaya Namah
  65. Kantimate – Om Kantimate Namah
  66. Dhritimate – Om Dhritimate Namah
  67. Kamine – Om Kamine Namah
  68. Kapitthapanasapriyaya – Om Kapitthapanasapriyaya Namah
  69. Brahmacharine – Om Brahmacharine Namah
  70. Brahmarupine – Om Brahmarupine Namah
  71. Brahmavidyadi Danabhuve – Om Brahmavidyadi Danabhuve Namah
  72. Jishnave – Om Jishnave Namah
  73. Vishnupriyaya – Om Vishnupriyaya Namah
  74. Bhakta Jivitaya – Om Bhakta Jivitaya Namah
  75. Jitamanmadhaya – Om Jitamanmadhaya Namah
  76. Aishwaryakaranaya – Om Aishwaryakaranaya Namah
  77. Jyayase – Om Jyayase Namah
  78. Yaksha Kinnerasevitaya – Om Yaksha Kinnerasevitaya Namah
  79. Ganga Sutaya – Om Ganga Sutaya Namah
  80. Ganadhishaya – Om Ganadhishaya Namah
  81. Gambhira Ninadaya – Om Gambhira Ninadaya Namah
  82. Vatave – Om Vatave Namah
  83. Abhishtavaradaya – Om Abhishtavaradaya Namah
  84. Jyotishe – Om Jyotishe Namah
  85. Bhktanidhaye – Om Bhktanidhaye Namah
  86. Bhavagamyaya – Om Bhavagamyaya Namah
  87. Mangalapradaya – Om Mangalapradaya Namah
  88. Avyaktaya – Om Avyaktaya Namah
  89. Aprakrita Parakramaya – Om Aprakrita Parakramaya Namah
  90. Satyadharmine – Om Satyadharmine Namah
  91. Sakhaye – Om Sakhaye Namah
  92. Sarasambunidhaye – Om Sarasambunidhaye Namah
  93. Maheshaya – Om Maheshaya Namah
  94. Divyangaya – Om Divyangaya Namah
  95. Manikinkini Mekhalaya – Om Manikinkini Mekhalaya Namah
  96. Samasta Devata Murtaye – Om Samasta Devata Murtaye Namah
  97. Sahishnave – Om Sahishnave Namah
  98. Satatotthitaya – Om Satatotthitaya Namah
  99. Vighatakarine – Om Vighatakarine Namah
  100. Vishwagdrishe – Om Vishwagdrishe Namah
  101. Vishwarakshakrite – Om Vishwarakshakrite Namah
  102. Kalyanagurave – Om Kalyanagurave Namah
  103. Unmattaveshaya – Om Unmattaveshaya Namah
  104. Aparajite – Om Aparajite Namah
  105. Samsta Jagadadharaya – Om Samsta Jagadadharaya Namah
  106. Sarwaishwaryapradaya – Om Sarwaishwaryapradaya Namah
  107. Akranta Chida Chitprabhave -Om Akranta Chida Chitprabhave Namah
  108. Shri Vighneshwaraya – Om Shri Vighneshwaraya Namah

गणेश जी

108 names of Lord Hanuman for Every Tuesday

Listen to this Video atleast ones on a Tuesday. Just “9 MINUTES” to bring great Benifits. Hanuman Ashtottara Shatanamavali

108 names of Lord Hanuman for Every Tuesday
No Name
1 Om Hanumatay namaha
2 Om Shree Pradaayay namaha
3 Om Vaayu Putraaya namaha
4 Om Rudraayay namaha
5 Om Ana-Gaayay namaha
6 Om Aja-Raayay namaha
7 Om Amrit-Yavay namaha
8 Om Maarutaat-Majaayay namaha
9 Om Vira-Viraayay namaha
10 Om Grama-VaaSaayay namaha
11 Om Janash-Radaayay namaha
12 Om Dhana-Daayay namaha
13 Om Akaa-YaaYay namaha
14 Om Virayay namaha
15 Om Nidhi-Patayay namaha
16 Om Munayay namaha
17 Om Vaag-Minay namaha
18 Om Pingaak-Shaayay namaha
19 Om Vara-Daayay namaha
20 Om Sita Shoka-Vinaasha-Naayay namaha
21 Om Rakta Vaasasay namaha
22 Om Shivaayay namaha
23 Om Shar-Vaayay namaha
24 Om Paraayay namaha
25 Om Avyak-Taayay namaha
26 Om Vyakta-Avyak-Tayay namaha
27 Om Rasaa-DhaRaayay namaha
28 Om Ping-Keshaayay namaha
29 Om Pinga-Romanay namaha
30 Om Shruti-Gamyaayay namaha
31 Om Sana-Tanaaya namaha
32 Om Anaa-Daayay namaha
33 Om Bhagawatay namaha
34 Om Devaayay namaha
35 Om Vishwa-Haytavay namaha
36 Om Niraa-Shra-yaayay namaha
37 Om Aarogya-Kartray namaha
38 Om Vish-Vesh-aayay namaha
39 Om Vishva-Naayak-aayay namaha
40 Om Harish-Waraayay namaha
41 Om Bhar-Gaayay namaha
42 Om Raam-Aayay namaha
43 Om Raam-Bhaktaayay namaha
44 Om Kalyaa-Naayay namaha
45 Om Prakriti-Sthiraaya namaha
46 Om Vishvam Bharaayay namaha
47 Om Vishva-Murtaaya namaha
48 Om Vishva-Kaar-aayay namaha
49 Om Visha-Daayay namaha
50 Om Vishva-Aatmanaay namaha
51 Om Vishva Sevayaay namaha
52 Om Vish-Vaaya namaha
53 Om Visva Haraaya namaha
54 Om Rav-Vayay namaha
55 Om Vishva-Chesha-Laayay namaha
56 Om Vishvaa-Gamyaayay namaha
57 Om Vishvaa-Dhyayaayay namaha
58 Om Kalaa-Dharaayay namaha
59 Om Plavang-Gamayay namaha
60 Om Kapish-Shestray namaha
61 Om Vidyaayay namaha
62 Om Jyesh-Taayay namaha
63 Om Tatvaayay namaha
64 Om Baalaayay namahaBaa
65 Om Vrid-Dhyayay namaha
66 Om Yunay namaha
67 Om Vanay-Charaayay namaha
68 Om Tatvagam-Yaayay namaha
69 Om Sakhyay namaha
70 Om Ajaayay namaha
71 Om Anjani-Sunavay namaha
72 Om Avaya-Graayay namaha
73 Om Graama Swantaayay namaha
74 Om Dharaa-Dharaayay namaha
75 Om Bhur-Lokaayay namaha
76 Om Bhuvar-Lokaayay namaha
77 Om Swar-Lokaayay namaha
78 Om Mahaa Lokaayay namaha
79 Om Jana Lokaayay namaha
80 Om Tapa-say namaha
81 Om Avyaaya namaha
82 Om Satyaayay namaha
83 Om Omkar-Jamyaayay namaha
84 Om Praana-Vaayay namaha
85 Om Vyaapa-Kaayay namaha
86 Om Ama-Laayay namaha
87 Om ShivaDharam, Pratish-taatray namaha
88 Om Ramesh-Taatray namaha
89 Om Phaalgun-Priyaayay namaha
90 Om Gospadi-krita, Vaarish-aayay namaha
91 Om Purna Kamaayay namaha
92 Om Dharaa-Dhipaayay namaha
93 Om Raaksho-Dhanaayay namaha
94 Om Pandari-Kaakshaayaya namaha
95 Om Sharanaagata-Vatsalaayay namaha
96 Om Jaanaki-Praandaatray namaha
97 Om Raksha-Praana, Haarakaayay namaha
98 Om Purnaayay namaha
99 Om Satyaayay namaha
100 Om Pita-Vaasasay namaha
101 Om Divaakara, Sama-Prabhaayay namaha
102 Om Drona Hartray namaha
103 Om Shakti Naytaayay namaha
104 Om Shakti Raakshasaa, Maara-kaayay namaha
105 Om Raamdoo-Taayay namaha
106 Om Krish-Naayay namaha
107 Om Devay-So namaha
108 Om Rudra-Kar-Maayay Namo namaha.

The Tallest Hindu Temple As High As Eiffel Tower Is Being Constructed In India

Stairway to Heaven: Huge 700ft high Hindu temple in India

Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir
Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir
Compairison With Some Of Worlds Iconic Buildings
Compairison With Some Of Worlds Iconic Buildings
  • The temple will be built using earthquake-proof materials and will rise up to 70 storeys high in the shape of a rocket ship.
  • A capsule elevator will be able to take visitors up to a viewing deck and the journey will tell the story of the universe, laid out in Vedic literature, though light and sound.
  • At 700 feet tall, the temple will become the tallest religious building in the world, towering over the likes of Sagarda Familia in Barcelona at 558 feet, Ulm Minister in Germany at 530 feet and St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican at 437 feet.
  • It will also be almost double the height of St Paul’s Cathedral in London, which stands at 365 feet.
Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir 3D
Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir 3D

The Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir, which is currently under construction at Vrindavan in the Uttar Pradesh region, will stand at 700 feet (210 metres) tall and will have 70 floors. The building, due for completion in 2022, has been dedicated to Hindu deity Lord Sri Krishna and designed to blend traditional Indian ‘Nagra’ temple architecture with modern aesthetics.

Work is underway to build the world’s tallest religious building in India that will come complete with a theme park. With its indoor theme park and helipad, this building might seem more like it would belong in Las Vegas, but this towering Hindu temple is set to become the world’s tallest religious skyscraper.

11 Surprising Health benefits of chanting Om

What Is Om (Aum), What Happens When You Chant Om? Its Science And Benefits.

Om is not only a word created out of our rich mythological past but It has amazing therapeutic, psychological and spiritual benefits that even science has agreed.

What is Om (Aum)? 

Om is the first sound that emerged from the vibrations of the cosmic energy that created the universe. It is the representation of the creator. Know that Om chanting is NOT a Religious practice. It is a universal syllable. It is a cosmic sound which initiated the creation of the universe. It is SCIENCE. Modern science is just scratching the surface of this Ancient Vedic Science.

What happens when we chant Om (Aum):

You might have heard of quantum physics,  it’s a science which explains what really happens at the ‘micro’ level of everything. When we chant Om, again and again, we create its pure vibrations in our body. We become in tune with the vibrations of the Om and we become one with the Om. Om chanting connects us to all that is living, from beings to nature, to the Universe.
Om is also uttered as ‘A-U-M’.

‘A’ means to be born,
‘U’ means the rise, flying, i.e. development,
‘M’ means to become silence, that is to say, to become one with the universe (Brahmaleen)

Surprising Benefits Of Chanting Om (AUM)

1. Om for Blood flow:

Om chanting keeps the heart and blood flow balanced.

2. Om for Thyroid:

Chanting Om produces vibration in the throat. It induces a very positive effect on the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is the first-hand receiver of benefits as the sound of Om is produced from the throat only.

3. Om for Nervousness:

If you have nervousness or impatience, then there is nothing better than, chanting of Om

4. Om for Stress:

Om removes the toxic elements of the body, that it diminishes the intensity of the substances arising due to stress.

5. Om for Lungs:

Chanting Om 11 times early morning will help your lungs. You will have strong and toxin free lung withing few months.

6. Om for Sleep:

The problem of not getting sleep is removed in a short time. Chant Om for 10 minutes before sleep while focusing on a point between your eyebrows with eye closed. You will have sound sleep in no-time and will wake up more cheerful.

7. Om for Fatigue:

The best way to reduce fatigue is to chant Om. Chant Om for few minutes before going to rest. you will wake more refreshed.

8. Om for Digestion:

The digestive power is improved by chanting Om. For this, you need to imagine the hot scorching SUN at the solar plexus while chanting Om. This will ignite digestive fire more and thus help in digestion.

9. Om for Spinal Cord:

Your spinal cord is strengthened through the vibrations caused by the sound of Aaaa. As this sound is generated from the abdomen, it helps to strengthen the supporting muscles of the spinal cord.

10. Om for Vocal cords:

Om chanting actually improves your voice by giving strength to your vocal cords and the muscles around it. This is very helpful during old age.

11. Om for Skin:

Om can even help cleanse your skin. The massive levels of internal positive energy and a cleansed aura that come from chanting the Om Mantra regularly will be reflected externally with a healthy glow on your face and body.